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Make It Simply

We pride ourselves on makings things simple. Your time is important and there is nothing worse than repeating the same old tasks over and over again. This is where we excel, How often have you spent time sending out the same program information email over and over again, or the same welcome text message? We automate many of these types of tasks to save you time and money.


Make It Usable

Our client weigh-in page and mentor dashboard is super easy to use and informative at the same time. It is accessible from virtually anywhere with an internet connection and unlike apps that only work on phones and tablets, many PC or Laptop users are out of luck... Our site is browser based which means you can access it on almost any device with a modern web browser.


Build Relationships

We help to build great relationships. Creating and maintaining relationships is so important and our tools are designed to make this easy. They are intuitive to use and allow the relationship between client and mentor to flourish.
Your customers will love using our site and so will you.
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Mentoring Made Easy.
Here are just a few of the benefits Weighintome offers

For Clients

Designed To Make It Easy

Our site has been designed to make it as easy as possible to record your daily weigh-ins and keep track of your progress.

Fitbit Integration

Link your fitbit account and keep track of your daily weight and activity. Fitbit Aria Scales supported.

Keep Track of Your Entire Journey

Keep a record of your entire weight loss journey by uploading photos and recording your weight and measurements.

Step by Step Guide

We will guide you through the program every step of the way and your mentor will be right there with you.

For Mentors

Client Mentoring Made Easy

Keeping track of all your clients is made easy with our mentoring page. Support and encourage your clients and grow your relationships.

Lead Management

End to End lead management from initial contact to customer conversion with our lead management page. Know exactly where in the signup journey your customer is at.

Automated Email and SMS Templates

Don't keep your potential clients waiting, we automatically send out Program Information details so you don't have to.

Exclusive Landing Pages

Grab a Landing page, customise it, then advertise.


(Additional charges may apply for Email and SMS messaging services)

We are currently accepting a limited number of mentors as a trial. Please register below.

Basic Mentoring

  • Mentoring & Support - Encourage & Support your customers via personalised messages
  • Provide Information - Everything is at your fingertips from meal plans and recipes to nutrition and product information.
  • Tip of the day - Clients will be guided through their Journey along with your encouragement and support.
  • Weight Loss Graphs & Analytics - See your progress in a graphical way.

Free Added Bonus

  • Lead Management System with Free Landing page for you to manage and advertise your business.
  • Email & SMS Templates - Predefined email and SMS templates, send customer information at the click of a button.
  • Automated Customer Communication - Don't keep your potential customers waiting, give them the information when they ask for it 24/7.
  • Business Dashboard - View your business growth, customer numbers and points using beautiful graphs and analytics.

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